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December 21st, 2006

is it really through? @ 12:01 pm

Current Location: sweden.
Current Music: The Academy Is

I was excited. Im not so excited. I think that its hitting Jessica and I. We had our couch taken out of our appartment and we are sitting here CLEANING our little booties off for our "final inspection" that will take place at three o clock our time. (six o clock yours, most of you!)

Jessica birthday dinner was a HUGE success. Oh, and im sorry i didnt write last night (wed). They cut off our internet. So I am using my special friends interent :) But back to the birthday..HUGE success. There was about sixteen of our friends in a pizza parlor just talking it up. Let me tell you this, here in Sweden, they have ONE person working during the week. ONE! So, can you imagine sixteen of us in this medium sized pizza parlor, each ordering a different pizza. It was insane. But, everyone was satisfied and the wait was not that long. After we had pizza, we all went back to our place and enjoyed a delicious cake as well as eachothers company. Many people, (the swedes), did not enjoy the cake. TOO much sugar they say! psshh!

Yesterday, Wednesday, was a fun and exciting day. Actually, during the day we didn't do much. We cleaned a bit. (our fridge...ohh SOO moldy ..yuck). Umm...Yeah. I cant even think of what we did. I know that at night..WE HAD OUR LAST Pre-Party of the SEMESTER :( oh it was soo sad. we had to say goodbye to all of our friends who were at the disco (the core). All the Swedish people that we had met but didnt really hang out with much. Yeah. it was sad. but I wont lie. we OWNED the place. It was actually kind of neat to be at our favorite hang out/dancing place because Jessica and I realized how much we loved Swedish people. We also realized how many friends we had really made in these last four months. It felt like the WHOLE night was full of "goodbyes" and "come to the states."

Today..Thursday. Our couch was removed..our last load of free laundry is being done..our suitcases are almost packed..we just booked our taxi for tomorrow..we are having chicken enchilladas made for us by Johan..we are visiting our friends in the International house for cake and talk..we are getting a goodnight sleep..we are coming home tomorrow. :)


pictures under "saying goodbye" album: http://community.webshots.com/user/caitlynnlove

December 19th, 2006

How was It? Rythmical! @ 05:34 pm

Current Location: ow..my floor.
Current Music: simpsons

Wow. I am sitting here with my South Korean friend thinking about how chubby we got in Sweden! Swedes must have better genes than us because they eat Pizza and Kebab ALL THE TIME! Its not fair. But is life fair? NOPE!

So today is Jessicas birthday. At midnight Johan and I kidnapped her, lit candles and had all kinds of nice notes from her friends hanging from the ceiling. It was really great to just spend a bit of time with her and let her know how much she is loved!

It was SO freezing cold. I can not even begin to tell you! It was 3 degrees celcius but it FEELS like 1. It is IMPOSSIBLE to tell you how freezing I am right now. eh..only two more days. Oh..and I posted pictures on my webshots of the frozen puddles/cars/grass. They will be under "freezingness..animals..etc" album. It really did look like it snowed today. It is meant to rain tomorrow morning so we are THINKING maybe snow? hmm :)

Today we had our final presentation in our Educare course. It was AMAZING! I never realized how much talent we have as a class. It is a shame that we all have to go our seperate ways. I have post pictures of our exciting play under the "Crazy Educare Girls" album. I wish I could explain how much fun the course was to you all, but I can not. We had crazy teachers, crazy classmates and crazy fun times.

When we got home from our educare presentation and afternoon snacks with our professors, i started to pack. I am ALMOST finished packing. I can not even believe how much I have done. I feel like I will never be through packing though. And we are going to find out if we can take an extra bag on the plane (cary on and purse) very soon..so keep us in your prayers. it is VERY necessary.It is strange to be going home. In two days. hmm..

Tonight we will visit a WONDERFUL pizza parlor for the last time in honor of Jessicas big day. We have about twenty guests coming. YAY!

I guess there is not much else to say about Tuesday. But That means that life in the states is coming up quicker than I can imagine.

Webshots: http://community.webshots.com/user/caitlynnlove


December 18th, 2006

The last monday in Sweden. @ 09:51 pm

Current Location: our sad sad appartment
Current Music: Damien Rice- 9 Crimes

Oh. That is such a sad title. I am really sad to say that this is my last monday post as a visitor in Sweden.

I honestly was not that sad about leaving until today when we had to say goodbye to our friend Erik. (he left the appartment early to visit relatives in Poland) I didn't cry, but it did kind of make me realize that goodbyes (or 'see ya laters') were going to happen sooner rather than later. hm..sucky kinda.

Today we had our final examination (one of them). It was probably the easiest final examination I will ever take in my life. And sadly..though this was the EASIEST semester of my life, its impossible to get an A in Sweden. (im not saying that to justify 'tramping' around, I went to class every time and worked my but off). So Jessica and I got a "B" for the entire course. A "B" for the first part of the course, an "A" for the second course and that evened out to become a "B" average for the overall course. Believe ME..we are not happy about this. Complaints have already been made ( I will tell you about them later parents). So..yeah..school is pretty much over. One more presentation tomorrow ( a little bit of a joke presentation though)

I also realized today that we have a REALLY long plane flight ahead of us. I am not looking forward to this plane flight. I have no books to read ( read them all whilst I was here) and I can't find the CD player. (mom..I owe you a CD player!) Oh well..life moves on.

Tommorrow is Jessicas Birthday. I will give you the update on that tomorrow as I plan to write in this journal every day from now until Thursday night. (I almost choked up right there..Thursday is soon)

Oh. It was 3 degrees celcius here today. There was ice on the ground the ENTIRE day. The sun was out and it was FREEZING. and icey. brr...

Well..Here is the link to my pictures. Enjoy Stockholm photos. I put titles of what they each are..http://community.webshots.com/user/caitlynnlove



December 14th, 2006

one week left...what? @ 01:44 pm

well. that is kind of weird to say. i have one week left. by this time next week I will be saying my goodbyes and CLEANING a lot!

I have posted pictures from my recent excursion on my webshots website. (see link in the entry below <3)

Stockhom was AMAZING. one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There was so much to see (over one hundred museums) and we only saw about five. It was difficult to decide what we wanted to see but we decided on these

1. Vasa (BIG viking boat that was lost under Stockholm and found)
2. Skansen (open air museum with so much to see. lots of homes taken from parts of Sweden along with a Christmas mart)
3. Old Town (the old castle along with a silver chair that was given to a queen of Sweden)
4. Drottingholm castle (where the KIng lives now! Also we SAW HIM!)

That is all that we had time for..but it was well worth it.

Sorry there are no captions to my pictures but we had to go pay the rent :(

i will explain more soon..not much to report now.

Love you MUCh!


December 5th, 2006

latley... @ 11:31 pm

Current Mood: happy happy
Current Music: Ali G-In DA USA

I have had no energy to write in this thing. I am sorry family, friends and those random people that I have never talked to but you read my journal anyways :) Well, HELLO all. Thanks for stopping by...Basic rundown of what my life will be like these last 16 days in Sweden. (oh yes..and the wonderfulness I have done since my last entry).

We went to Copenhagen Denmark and enjoyed a lovely (bit rainy day) in Tivoli park. The park was quite lovely there were so many lights, and people and so much red. I loved it so much. The only bad thing was Jessica's debit card got eaten by the machine because they were convinced that it was stolen. (she finally got a new one, thank God.) We went with a few of our only girlfriends in Sweden and they are from all over the world. our class is so unique, South Koreans/Germans/Lithuanians and Americans went on the trip to Tivoli and we all got to share our Christmas traiditions. I learned so much about the girls from this trip. I loved it. Jess and I also took a picture with Santa Claus :) So...I posted pictures of Tivoli park on my webshots under "Christmas in Scandanavia."

Jessica and I also went into town one cold and blistery night and took pictures of the town at night. its quite beautiful and peaceful. There was a Christmas festival that we really loved. There was delicious candy there. :) We saw Santa Claus as well.

Tomorrow we will go to Hoor's Nordic Zoo. I am SO excited to see reindeer, wolves and moose. Its going to be awesome I hope. There will definitly be photographs online of that experience as well.

Can i just say that I literally have ONE lecture left. ONE! on Thursday. After that, we have five days off in which i will be going to stockholm. Then it is St. Lucia at our practice school in Ahus. As well as making cookies with other Swedish students and having dinner with them. Then after that..let me think? well i dont really know what we have to do. to be honest with you. i think we have one more class discussion about special needs and then we have a presentation as a group about our time in Educare. So..put all the MUST do activities together and you get four days. Oh me OH my. Poor Poor ME :)

Pray for Jessicas doggie though. She just found out that he has cancer :( And also pray for our plane ride home. we are both So nervous to be on the plane that long.


pictures: http://community.webshots.com/user/caitlynnlove

Oh..i also made enchilladas tonight and a swedish cinamon roll called kannel bullar. :) photos can be found in my "Sweden Is..album"

November 24th, 2006

TURKEY DAY @ 08:31 pm

Current Mood: happy happy
Current Music: SWEDISH IDOL

well everyone. I hope your day of thanks was as successful and wonderful as mine and Jessicas was. I felt so great being in Sweden with my friends! We sat around the table and talked for three hours. We each said what we were thankful for and enjoyed eachothers delicious idea of Thanksgiving foods. It was awesome!

I really missed my family yesterday and I spoke to my Pooter Head Brothers online and they were being so funny that it made me sad I could not be there. BUT..I am enjoying this last month and not letting anything stop me. :)

I have awesome new pictures of our thanksgiving feast online:
under the album "thanksgiving in SWEDEN."

Tomorrow (Saturday) me and a few other girls from my class are going to Tivoli in Copenhagen Denmark (the Scandanavian Disneyland) to enjoy some Christmas festivities. It should be AWESOME! There will be pictures.

Just assume from here on out that there will be a whole LOT of pictures.

So the best thing that has happened to me this last week:
I got to visit a classroom, as a part of my class, that had mentally disabled students. It was INCREDIBLE! They knew little English but it was obvious that laughter and love is the same in every language. How cheesy right? but how incredibly real that became this last week! I was so nervous, I prayed so hard for the ability to understand a little bit or have an awesome teacher who could and WOULD translate for me. I didn't need it. The Downs children were unbelievably funny and soo incredibly cute. I loved it. And next week I visit a high school that integrates pupils with physical disabilities. So, pictures of that as well. Oh and I will put pictures of this last weeks school observation up soon. :)

kiss kiss. or as the SWEDES say it


Hej Do

Caitlin Anne

November 11th, 2006

Some Photos For You To Enjoy. @ 02:09 pm

Current Location: my bed :)
Current Mood: happy happy

Hello my dear friends and family. (and those that are both) :). So my last post I put pictures of Rome on a website. From now on, since there are TONS of photos whenever we got ANYWHERE, the photos will be on that website. So here is the link


i suggest saving it in your favorites becuase i KNOW all of you are that interested in my life :) hehe.

of course I will be posting what we have done on here and now and again my favorite photos of life in Sweden, but I just wanted a way to show you a lot of photos without having to do an immense amount of work by uploading them one at a time and posting them on here. (ITs harder than it seems mom and dad becuase i KNOW you think I am being lazy.) <3 haha.

So with that said..

Yesterday we went to Malmo with our friend named Eunice. Eunice is from South Korea. When we first started school, Jessica and I were quite nervous because we thought that nobody would be interested in hanging out and everyone in our class was going to be really quiet. Just recently we have found Eunice. Eunice is amazing. She always wants to go out and go to various places like Malmo and our future trip to Hoor (where there is a Nordic animal zoo. whoo hoo).

We have been to Malmo before, but we decided to do a bit of shopping and some more sight seeing. Like many of the places in Sweden, there was a beautiful old castle. This castle was fulll of musuems, acquariums and of course cannon rooms :) The art museum was fantastic but we were most impressed by the amount of animals they had in the acquarium and mini zoo. :) It was fun :)

I got new boots, sweaters, leggings, shirts and and an incredible jacket. I love how my style is..well hopefully...getting more European and classy. Its really fun. :)

Life is good, and Sven has two new brothers. (one for each of my brothers.) You can see more photos of Sven on my webshots page under Sven :)

And finally. its FREEZING here. I can not even begin to tell you how cold it has been these last few days and especially mornings. Here are some pictures and let me remind you..it is only november 11th.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Our Front Yard

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
It was like this till about 11 in the morning.

I cant wait to be in the California Sun.
(and get a job. :/ )

November 9th, 2006

Ciao Bello. @ 12:10 am

Current Location: home. i mean sweden.
Current Music: maria Mena

Roma. Beautiful Beautiful Roma. It was unreal everyone. I cant even begin to describe the beauty and disgust that came from being in that city. Beauty because the old, interesting works of art that were on every street corner or every time you turned around. Disgust because EW 20 year old Italian boys are not fun. So, We took over four hundred photos. Thats QUITE a few photos. I made an online photo album of all my favorite photos. There are about sixty or so and at the bottom of this post there is a tiny icon that you can click on that will take you directly to the photos. I will give you on here a basic run down of our days in Rome. and our one day in Florence. As well as my favorite memories from the trip.

Wed. November 1st We Tackled:
*Roman Forum
*Trajan's Column
*Mamertine Prison
*Arch of Constantine
*Palatine Hill
*St. Peter in Chains
*Trevi Fountain

Thur. November 2nd We Dominated:
*St. Peter's Basillica
*Vatican Museum <---Sistine Chapel= One of the neatest things seen in Rome

Friday November 3rd We Ruled:
*Medici Chapels
*Dumo (Santa Maria del Fiore
*Climbing Duomo's Dome <---- favorite thing in Florence. UN BELIEVABLE VIEW
*Baptistery's Bronze Doors

Saturday November 4th We Rocked:
*Catacombs and Anciaent Appia Way

Sunday November 5th We were AWED:
*By the Pope <---smart man
*By Capital Hill
*By a Roman Forum Walk

Monday November 6th We Chilled:
*At the Cappuccin Crypt <---- most underrated, coolest thing ever.
*shopping for fake purses and glasses (success)

Tueaday November 7th:

I loved Rome. But I missed Sweden SO much. I can not even begin to tell you how much Sweden has become home to me. There is a special place for it in my heart that will never be replaced. Im excited to eat In-N-Out. See My family. Here Lips Magee (Cristin) and Kasey talk about their lives. and of course just be in a bed that is my own. But Sweden will surely be missed.

I hope that that was up to par with what you expected of my rome travels? I know this:
1. We got hit on a LOT and it was gross
2. The food was not as good as I thought it was going to be
3. It was just as cold as it was in Sweden
4. I felt like Russell Crow in Gladiator when i went to the Colosseum
5. The Pope spoke 5 languages in less than 10 minutes and I was incredibly impressed
6. We saw only ONE thieving gypsy child (a little dissapointed..must have been because it was off season)

So the link for my photos can be reached by clicking on this:
Image hosted by Webshots.com
by caitlynnlove

if you can not see a little photo after the ":" then we have an issue. please leave an anonymous comment on my live journal telling me it doesnt work and i will try my hardest to fix it. we all know im awful with posting this kind of stuff.

October 29th, 2006

What a 'wicked' weekend... @ 08:58 pm

Current Location: ouch. my couch
Current Mood: tired tired
Current Music: ba ba black sheep

So Jess and I visited a tiny little town in Sweden called Landskrona. Landskrona is where my friend Johan lives (Johan and I 'keep eachother company' as my mother would say). The town of Landskrona was meant to be the capital of Sweden but that obviously didnt work out the way they wanted it to. In the town of Landskrona there is a citadel (which was closed on the rainy, windy, stormy day that we went), there is an incredible museum filled with skeletons of former Landskrona ice age inhabitants and a real airplane. Also off the coast of Landskrona was an island called Ven. Ven looked beautiful, unfortunately the weather was too awful for us to take a ferry to it.

So the weekend in Landskrona consisted of about four hours of sightseeing (on account of the weather), delicious meals made by Johans mother, FINALLY THE VIEWING OF TALLADEGA NIGHTS WITH WILL FERREL and a lot of fantastic sleep. :)

Here are some great photographs taken by the lovely Jessica Butler.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the sky. the beautiful, dark, sky.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the band members at the bus station.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Finally..some delicious Chinese Food.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
It's Fall.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Landskrona Center park.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
ba-ba-black sheep

Life is good. Italy in one day. hm..thats nice

October 23rd, 2006

Friends in Sweden. @ 05:50 pm

So. We have made incredible friends since being here in Sweden. Jessica and I were given the opportunity to live amongst Swedish people and the sad thing is, we have to leave them. It is a little crazy how close we have become with these people after only knowing them for a short period of time. Living with Swedish students was the wisest choice we could've made. We have also become really good friend with this guy named Ian who runs a "nightlife website." They had reached their goal of having over 200 members so they threw a themed party and only the "insiders" were invited. Here are a few photos from that along with our good friends.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Superman Loves Himself Some Greeks.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Jess. Johan. Myself
( daddy..take a look at my 'european' style)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
our really good friend Erik.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The Elf and the Chicken Man.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
yay for being greek for a night.

We are being safe and we are taking care of one another. :)

oh. and we surely began bible studying with one another. it was necessary :) <3 thanks for the prayers.